Friday, November 26, 2010

my DIY curtain rod!

if you know me, you should know that i {l o v e} to recycle. i find great pleasure in finding things that i can revamp into something else. recently, i was on the lookout for some new curtain rods for my sons room. i did not only not like anything out there, but couldn't believe how expensive they are. really? curtain rods? i ventured out into my backyard and found these. yes a tree branch. now before you go and think i am crazy, look how amazing they look. it totally matches his nursery and i spent a total of {$0}. i used old paint that i found in my basement. why spend so much money? we all know what money doesn't grow on trees....but branches do! here is the tutorial i followed to make them. not rocket science and it took a whole ten minutes to do it...

we have a big backyard, and TONS of sticks. grab one that will suite the length of your window frame.
just get an old paint brush, and some old paint. no need to go crazy shopping, check in your basement for the goods!
the finished product! our house was built in the late 1800's. so to say the least, it is VERY vintage, and i love the ruggedness of it!
i had these curtain rod hinges from an old rod we had, just drill them in, and  hang the branch!
there yah have it! a new curtain rod without breaking the bank!
i HAD to add this. look at my son trying to escape? i love this, this also means {trouble}.    

 i am totally encouraged by DIY-ing everything i can from things that i already have. just because you don't spend money doesn't mean that you can't be classy {and sassy}! 

hope all of your thanksgiving were gobble-lishess !

{ jen }


  1. oh my, I think we just had a double date painting branches white over the weekend! You'll have to see my post tomorrow, it will explain everything.
    By the way I love how this turned out ;)

  2. That is lovely, I love how it turned out!

  3. Love Love your blog & your home sounds beautiful! I was searching branch rods & it sent me to you. Do you mind sharing what was used for the cute leaf material on the window?Thanks for sharing your pics!