Wednesday, February 23, 2011

to take and how to take...{little kids} and pictures

Alot of people have been asking me, "how do you get those perfect shots?"

well let me tell yah, it is not always that easy! take my son. he has had mommy's hats on since birth, and i think quite frankly he is telling me, "mom, ok i need a break or a paycheck!"

everyone has different ways about going about it. i am going to be straight out : {i bribe}. yep, i do and i am mighty proud of it! if i can get him to sit still for 15 seconds while i snap away, i will do it!

making funny faces, and weird noises that i would never make in public is another approach. D I S T R A C T is the keyword. it may take about 100 shots until you get the right one, but it is well worth it! 

here are some of the shots from my store, and how hard i had to work to get them ;) 

trying my hardest to get him to sit upright and keep his hat on, i succeeded, for like 2 seconds.

the "i am going to take this thang off, look"

big boys stand up! and run away from this dang camera!

some of the many {adorable} pictures of my lil' owl. isn't funny that he looks sweet even in the mistakes?!

one more thing that was asked : what kind of software do you use to edit?

since i am a graphic designer, i have spent alot of time using photoshop. i actually have the cs5 adobe suite, which is just amazing. i also create alot of my own actions for the different variations and vintage look of my pictures.

now, i know that not everyone has the funds for photoshop or photoshop classes.

there are T O N S of tutorials out there, and you can get some free online editing sites like picnik.

so there you have it! the easiest part of all this is my knitting, but i have to say that taking these pictures is such a blessing {even though my lil' one may resent me for all of these later :) }

Monday, February 21, 2011

hey ya'll!

i am launching my photography props series.
i am totally {i n love} with lil' bitty heads in sweet lil' hats.
so here it is:

we are running a photographers promotion!
20% off your total purchase.
on our whole stock.
offer ends 3.22.2011
all that you need to do is go here, provide a business website or a facebook page of your business. just leave it to us in the convo box.  we will give you the promo code for your total purchase at check out.
and that's it!

there will be lots of hats, diaper covers and other goodies coming up in the upcoming week, so stay tuned why dontcha!

have an amazingly blessed and happy week!