Monday, November 15, 2010

amazing blogs...and DIYS!

we ALL love good giveaways. in my blogging adventures i have found some pretty amazing blogs. i have spent a good time ( yes um' time i should be knitting!) looking at all these fabulous people with amazing ideas. i am going to start writing all these down in a notebook so i don't forget em'!

this lady has some awesome giveaways, not to mention some pretty incredible DIY's. one of my favorite of her DIY's is this wreath that is made with some yarn, and some felt. pretty simple and it makes for a nifty wreath for the holidays or just for whenever. i ventured out to joanns and got the supplies to make one. don't worry, i will be showing all of you when it's done.

this week her giveaway is to the glided bee. check sasha's blog out, she has some unique and may i say adorable tutorials, plus she sells some of her goodies on etsy.

my favorite tutorial i found on her blog was the spiral rose tutorial. i also took some inspiration from take heart's DIY wreath. i absolutely LOVE this. i added a few felt flowers to one of my whimsie bonnets and here is the outcome:

OMG talk about an obsession coming on. i love them. if i could sit at home and make felted roses all day i would. ( oKay, maybe a few hours a day).

i was even thinking of taking a few ol' t-shirts and making some flowers out them. i think i may post my results on the next blog!

so if you want some good DIY's that won't empty out your bank accounts, go visit these ladies.  go ahead and follow them, and i promise you will find something you love.

happy monday, only four more days until the weekend!


  1. thanks so much for your sweet words. i look forward to your giveaway!

  2. ohh, those roses are absolutely darling. i must try this tutorial out. thanks for sharing! and the flowers on your bonnet look so good!

  3. Very cute flowers! Thanks for the links too - I've added them to my reader. :)