Saturday, November 13, 2010

knitting isn't just for the ol' grannies out there.

i am a knit-aholic! yes, i admit it. i live and dream knitting. never did i think i would want to stay home on the weekend and well, knit. but i do, and i love it. people often ask how i knit. well the answer is fast. i have been knitting for about five years now. i started off just making a simple scarf. while i was pregnant, i really got down and dirty with my knitting needles. i would literally knit about 3-6 hours a day. a little bit fanatic? i think so. but i wouldn't have it any other way. so here is my explanation on knitting:

first. i am a whiz with multiple needles. give me a crochet hook and i am as lost as a blind man in a maze.

second. always keep calm. seriously. knitting goes alot faster if your not all tensed up. just drink some wine, kick back and knit. before you know it you will have a nifty piece and not even know it!
third. just practice. that's all there is to it. you can't become a pro- knitter over night. but, you can get good at it-fast. make a scarf, a hat, a doily for your grandmother, anything- just practice.

fourth.  if you want to sell your stuff, make it worth buying. i don't mean use the most expensive of everything. be original. come up with something neat. just knit your own pattern, the best pieces i have seen are the imperfects or "mess" up pieces. people value originality.

fifth and last. don't be afraid to flaunt your stuff. you made it, be proud! its quite an achievement, and show it off- who knows you could make some cash from it.


also, if the cash is tight, why not use what the good ol' lord above gave you?
finger knitting, love this!

the possibilities are just endless...i am just sayin'. 

 isn't my pooch just amazing? meet rusty::my two year old boston terrier.

rusty says, "have a good weekend, ya'll!"


  1. Jen,

    I just love your blog and I'll be coming back daily. I've been knitting for 14 years. I too started to knit when I was pregnant with my son. I was lucky because I was working part-time in a yarn shop so I had lots of help. I don't knit all year round. Usually the but hits me in August and I knit through the winter. I just got the briefest of lessons on crocheting and I find it so darn hard!

    Thanks for following and participating over at 52 Projects. So happy to have you!


  2. I meant to write "the bug hits me in August"... :)) Must get more coffee!