Wednesday, December 1, 2010

beating cancer one. thread. at. a. time.

recently, i was commissioned to do five hats for someone who was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. i immediately said, yes. how could i not?

the struggle that this disease gives a person is somewhat of a battle field- which you have to fight to win. i should know, my mother has been battling it for the last two years {almost three}. this is her second round of this invader, and well, she fights. like no other. really, why would you not want too? life is too precious....

my mom is super woman. well, at least in my eyes she is. i have never heard her once complain.
she is beautiful, you wouldn't even guess she was sick. i attribute it to her relationship to god, and that she does not give up. she is wonderful, inside and....out.

artie and his gorgeous abuelita, my mum.
she gives me hope. not only for herself, but for situations in my life that don't seem possible. i understand it now. she is a fighter, and well, she is winning.

for so long i have wanted to do something BIG for the cure of cancer. ( yeah, i think we all wish we could find a cure.) but since i am not able to do that, why not help the people suffering through it now?

my dream is to gather knitters, crocheters universally and make hats for the people going through cancer. not just any funky old "chemo" hat, but cute, trendy, chic one of a kind hats. ones that can make a "statement" and truly make that one person who is suffering feel like they are the most amazing person in the world! ( and they are ) so i decided to just brainstorm:

one thread at a time....

it's possible. it really is. i am sure we have all been touched somehow by it. let's make a difference. wouldn't this be amazing if it went viral in every community around the world?

i may be a dreamer, but dreams can come true. { just ask walt disney} and i am going make sure this one does.

life is too precious and too sweet.

if you have any questions or would love to help me create this, please email me.

hope you all have a blessed first week of December.


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  1. what an awesome idea. and i love the heart behind it. i can't wait to see this grow!

  2. I love this I truly do.
    I just wish I was a good knitter ;(
    I try but it's slooowww progress for me and that's for just straight lines.
    I've never done a hat.
    But you idea is beautiful and straight from the heart.
    I wish I could help somehow .....
    PS. big hugs to your mom ;)