Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry CHRISTmas!

merry christmas, from us to yours!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

beating cancer one. thread. at. a. time.

recently, i was commissioned to do five hats for someone who was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. i immediately said, yes. how could i not?

the struggle that this disease gives a person is somewhat of a battle field- which you have to fight to win. i should know, my mother has been battling it for the last two years {almost three}. this is her second round of this invader, and well, she fights. like no other. really, why would you not want too? life is too precious....

my mom is super woman. well, at least in my eyes she is. i have never heard her once complain.
she is beautiful, you wouldn't even guess she was sick. i attribute it to her relationship to god, and that she does not give up. she is wonderful, inside and....out.

artie and his gorgeous abuelita, my mum.
she gives me hope. not only for herself, but for situations in my life that don't seem possible. i understand it now. she is a fighter, and well, she is winning.

for so long i have wanted to do something BIG for the cure of cancer. ( yeah, i think we all wish we could find a cure.) but since i am not able to do that, why not help the people suffering through it now?

my dream is to gather knitters, crocheters universally and make hats for the people going through cancer. not just any funky old "chemo" hat, but cute, trendy, chic one of a kind hats. ones that can make a "statement" and truly make that one person who is suffering feel like they are the most amazing person in the world! ( and they are ) so i decided to just brainstorm:

one thread at a time....

it's possible. it really is. i am sure we have all been touched somehow by it. let's make a difference. wouldn't this be amazing if it went viral in every community around the world?

i may be a dreamer, but dreams can come true. { just ask walt disney} and i am going make sure this one does.

life is too precious and too sweet.

if you have any questions or would love to help me create this, please email me.

hope you all have a blessed first week of December.


p.s. look at her blog, and the first sponsor on the right hand side. {yes, its my store!}  she is really an amazing blogger and has alot of wonderful insight. go and check her out!

Friday, November 26, 2010

my DIY curtain rod!

if you know me, you should know that i {l o v e} to recycle. i find great pleasure in finding things that i can revamp into something else. recently, i was on the lookout for some new curtain rods for my sons room. i did not only not like anything out there, but couldn't believe how expensive they are. really? curtain rods? i ventured out into my backyard and found these. yes a tree branch. now before you go and think i am crazy, look how amazing they look. it totally matches his nursery and i spent a total of {$0}. i used old paint that i found in my basement. why spend so much money? we all know what money doesn't grow on trees....but branches do! here is the tutorial i followed to make them. not rocket science and it took a whole ten minutes to do it...

we have a big backyard, and TONS of sticks. grab one that will suite the length of your window frame.
just get an old paint brush, and some old paint. no need to go crazy shopping, check in your basement for the goods!
the finished product! our house was built in the late 1800's. so to say the least, it is VERY vintage, and i love the ruggedness of it!
i had these curtain rod hinges from an old rod we had, just drill them in, and  hang the branch!
there yah have it! a new curtain rod without breaking the bank!
i HAD to add this. look at my son trying to escape? i love this, this also means {trouble}.    

 i am totally encouraged by DIY-ing everything i can from things that i already have. just because you don't spend money doesn't mean that you can't be classy {and sassy}! 

hope all of your thanksgiving were gobble-lishess !

{ jen }

Monday, November 15, 2010

amazing blogs...and DIYS!

we ALL love good giveaways. in my blogging adventures i have found some pretty amazing blogs. i have spent a good time ( yes um' time i should be knitting!) looking at all these fabulous people with amazing ideas. i am going to start writing all these down in a notebook so i don't forget em'!

this lady has some awesome giveaways, not to mention some pretty incredible DIY's. one of my favorite of her DIY's is this wreath that is made with some yarn, and some felt. pretty simple and it makes for a nifty wreath for the holidays or just for whenever. i ventured out to joanns and got the supplies to make one. don't worry, i will be showing all of you when it's done.

this week her giveaway is to the glided bee. check sasha's blog out, she has some unique and may i say adorable tutorials, plus she sells some of her goodies on etsy.

my favorite tutorial i found on her blog was the spiral rose tutorial. i also took some inspiration from take heart's DIY wreath. i absolutely LOVE this. i added a few felt flowers to one of my whimsie bonnets and here is the outcome:

OMG talk about an obsession coming on. i love them. if i could sit at home and make felted roses all day i would. ( oKay, maybe a few hours a day).

i was even thinking of taking a few ol' t-shirts and making some flowers out them. i think i may post my results on the next blog!

so if you want some good DIY's that won't empty out your bank accounts, go visit these ladies.  go ahead and follow them, and i promise you will find something you love.

happy monday, only four more days until the weekend!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

knitting isn't just for the ol' grannies out there.

i am a knit-aholic! yes, i admit it. i live and dream knitting. never did i think i would want to stay home on the weekend and well, knit. but i do, and i love it. people often ask how i knit. well the answer is fast. i have been knitting for about five years now. i started off just making a simple scarf. while i was pregnant, i really got down and dirty with my knitting needles. i would literally knit about 3-6 hours a day. a little bit fanatic? i think so. but i wouldn't have it any other way. so here is my explanation on knitting:

first. i am a whiz with multiple needles. give me a crochet hook and i am as lost as a blind man in a maze.

second. always keep calm. seriously. knitting goes alot faster if your not all tensed up. just drink some wine, kick back and knit. before you know it you will have a nifty piece and not even know it!
third. just practice. that's all there is to it. you can't become a pro- knitter over night. but, you can get good at it-fast. make a scarf, a hat, a doily for your grandmother, anything- just practice.

fourth.  if you want to sell your stuff, make it worth buying. i don't mean use the most expensive of everything. be original. come up with something neat. just knit your own pattern, the best pieces i have seen are the imperfects or "mess" up pieces. people value originality.

fifth and last. don't be afraid to flaunt your stuff. you made it, be proud! its quite an achievement, and show it off- who knows you could make some cash from it.


also, if the cash is tight, why not use what the good ol' lord above gave you?
finger knitting, love this!

the possibilities are just endless...i am just sayin'. 

 isn't my pooch just amazing? meet rusty::my two year old boston terrier.

rusty says, "have a good weekend, ya'll!"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the week starts with the warm weather. i am not complaining. it's amazing! 
i have been oh so busy with my knitting. creating tons of hats for the lil' noggins is quite a job! i am in desperate need of fast and efficient knitters for my business, or maybe god can give me an extra couple hours in a day ( and the energy to supply it!)

my "whimsie" hat series is coming wonderfully. i am totally inlove. 

people have been asking me when my shop is going to re-open.  i am in the midst of finishing and photographing all the hats ( and the amazingly gorgeous children) that are modeling them. it has been such a blessing to be able to do this series. i have created a TON of new patterns and developed a love for bamboo ewe yarn.

so again, my day continues and here i am off to knit some more hats. i seriously want this. hopefully santa would be so kind to get it for me. you can find this here .i seriously love etsy.

here's to tuesday, and a happy one at that to you and yours.<3

Friday, November 5, 2010

welcome <3.

alot of my customers have asked why i don't blog my DIY projects,  knitting projects ( and some frebies coming soon!) and just my daily routine of being a mother to a beautiful lil' seven month old boy.

my answer is: i would love to. so here i am.

winter is here. snow today in cleveland, ohio? well, it doesn't seem too out of the norm since i live in ohio. one day it is 40 degrees the next it's 80 degrees. winter months always inspire me to start my knitting. i have found an amazing love for natural fiber yarn. so expensive you may say, BUT i have found love in the stitch n' bitch yarn. so many vibrant colors and the quality is amazing! perfect for my lil' clients heads.

stitch n' bitch: would you mind some full o' sheep yarn?

bamboo yarn

i love knitting. its my escape. i have come to realize that i am breaking out of the ol' funk cliche that it is a grandma thang. its fun, inspiring, and just plain old soothing for one's good soul. becoming a mother has instilled so much tranquility in me. i think i would rather sit at home with a good glass of wine, my knitting needles and a good movie ( preferably a tear jerker for this occasion) than go out and party hardy anymore. this is my life, and i have to say, that i am in love with it.

two of my favorite things.

happy weekend to you and yours.